5 Cool Bedroom Coffee Makers That Can Kickstart Your Day

Have you ever dreamt of grabbing a cup of delicious coffee the moment you wake up without getting out of bed? That doesn’t have to be a dream much longer. But instead of a vanishing dream, it can become a reality. 

There is a wide range of coffee makers with a programmable timer that could be used next to the bed. The only real coffee alarm clock is the Barisieur Coffee Clock. That is a great-looking machine but it’s quite pricey. 

Find out more about the best options for bedside coffee makers below. 

Best Bedroom Coffee Makers

What are some good coffee makers that work well in the bedroom? Here are 5 great options. 

1. Stylish: Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock

This is the only true coffee alarm clock in this list. It is basically an old-school alarm clock with a coffee brewer on top. It’s pricey for what it is but it does look great and produces coffee in the morning. 

It’s perfect for waking up to a single cup of coffee. It also has a unique little compartment to keep a tiny jug of milk cold through the night. That is a unique feature and one that shouldn’t be underestimated if you like milk in your coffee. 

As it is actually built as an alarm clock, this brewer does actually have an alarm and doesn’t only rely on the smell of coffee to wake you up. There is some flexibility in when the brewing starts relative to the alarm. You can choose for the machine to start 5 minutes before the alarm, at the same time, or 5/10 minutes after the alarm. 

You’ll of course have to fill the machine with coffee and water before going to sleep.

To get a brewer with a timer you don’t have to spend this much though. Some other options don’t cost nearly as much.

It just brews a single 220 ml cup of coffee so it doesn’t brew a ton of coffee and certainly not enough for two people. The sad thing is, the coffee is fine but not great. The water is delivered onto the grounds in a way that’s not optimal and some machines produce better tasting coffee on this list. Is the alarm clock functionality enough to be your choice? That’s up to you. 

2. Easy and Simple: Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart

Don’t want to be bothered with beans or grounds that can get anywhere if you spill them? A machine that takes coffee pods is a good solution to this problem. The grounds are contained in the pod so you won’t spill them or even smell them during the night. 

The problem is most of the K-cup brewers don’t have a timer. The K-Supreme Plus Smart doesn’t have that issue. You can control the machine from your phone (installing an app is necessary) which is all you need. You can set the time when the machine starts brewing but also other settings from your phone. 

That’s much easier than setting one of those timers that are controlled by a few buttons on the brewer. It always takes a few days of missed meetings to figure out how to actually set those things. The smartphone app makes it much easier. 

The smart functionality does make this one of the more expensive Keurig machines though.

3. Good Drip Coffee: Cafe Specialty Drip Coffee Maker

Prefer something a little nicer tasting than from a K-cup? This Cafe Specialty coffee maker is what you might be looking for. It brews good coffee and can be controlled via a smartphone app but also by voice through Alexa or Google Home. This makes getting coffee without having to lift a finger super easy. It looks really nice and is available in black, silver, and white so you can fit it into your decor. 

And possibly most important; it brews really good coffee. The temperature control and water distribution is good which means better coffee. It brews from 1 to 10 cups of coffee which should be enough to wake one or two people up in the morning. 

4. Freshly Ground Drip Coffee: Breville Grind Control.

The model above brews good coffee but there is one thing missing; freshly ground coffee. If you use pre-ground coffee anyway, that doesn’t really matter. But if you prefer to brew with whole beans, a coffee machine with a built in grinder might be the one for you. 

The Breville Grind Control doesn’t have any smart functionality (which can actually be a plus for some) but does have a programmable timer. You set the timer, put the beans in the hopper and a filter paper in the basket and you get freshly ground coffee any time you want. 

It also has programmable grind size and volume which means you can really brew the best coffee possible. 

5. Just Give Me Caffeine: Black & Decker CM1160B

Don’t want to spend a lot of money, don’t really care about what the coffee tastes like, and just want your caffeine in the morning? Try the Black & Decker CM1160B. It’s cheap but it does what it has to and you can set a timer. It doesn’t brew amazing coffee but it’s perfectly drinkable and it’s hard to fault it for how much it costs. 

The hotplate shuts off after 2 hours to prevent excessive energy consumption and potential fire hazards.


Should You Get A Coffee Maker In Your Bedroom?

If you should get a coffee maker in your bedroom is completely up to you. I don’t need anything that keeps me in bed longer so a coffee maker in the kitchen is perfectly fine. However, if you really want/need that cup of coffee without getting up, a coffee maker on your nightstand might be a good solution. 

Of course, if you have a health condition that makes it difficult to get out of bed, having a coffee maker within arms reach can be a great solution that makes your life a bit easier. 

Do think about if you want this to be your only coffee brewer or if you’ve got another one in the kitchen. If it’s your only brewer, you might want to get something that also works well to brew for more people.

What Features To Look For?

What are some features you should look for if you want to have a coffee maker next to your bed? Not just any coffee maker will do, there are a few things you should select for. Here are the most important ones. 

  • Timer: You want fresh coffee when you wake up. That means you need a timer on the machine to start it at the right time. An easily programmable timer is best of course.
  • Airtight: The grounds or beans container should be relatively airtight. It won’t be completely airtight but completely open is not great either. Coffee degrades when it is exposed to air so limiting that exposure is essential to brew good coffee. 
  • No lights at night: You want to wake up from the smell of coffee in the morning. You don’t want to be kept up by some light staying on the whole night.
  • Not too ugly: In your bedroom, you don’t want something that is a complete eyesore. Sure, when you turn off the light you don’t see it but the bedroom should still be something with a bit of harmony. 
  • Brew Size: Do you need one cup or more when you wake up? Do you need coffee for one or two people? Buying a huge coffee maker for the bedroom doesn’t make sense if you only want one cup. And of course, having a coffee maker that makes a single cup doesn’t make sense if two people want coffee. 
  • Fits on a nightstand: Your cup of coffee should be within arm’s reach from the bed otherwise what’s the point? That means it should comfortably fit on the nightstand. 


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