7 Best Coffee Makers For AirBnB and Vacation Rentals

Got an Airbnb or other vacation rental property and are you wondering what kind of coffee maker you should put in it? Here are 7 different options for different purposes. 

Almost every Airbnb or vacation rental property needs some kind of way to make coffee. It can range from instant coffee to a high-end bean-to-cup machine depending on the price and quality of your property as well as the experience you want to provide. 

Keep reading below to find the exact recommendations for specific machines and why you should get a certain machine. 

Best AirBnB Coffee Makers

Here are the categories of coffee makers you can consider for an Airbnb or other vacation rental properties. You can also find the best option for each category. If you need some more guidance on which one is right for your property, you can find it at the bottom. 

1. Analog: French Press

The simplest and cheapest solution to allowing someone to brew coffee at your property is a French press. It doesn’t use any electricity, it’s easy to use, it’s cheap, and can brew good coffee. If you pick a stainless steel or borosilicate glass one, they are sturdy and will last forever. 

One drawback is that French press coffee isn’t for everyone since it’s not paper-filtered. However, the lack of paper filters also makes it much easier since you don’t have to keep an eye on how many filters are left. 

Not everyone might know how to get the best coffee out of a French press so leaving some quick instructions might help. For example how many scoops of coffee you need and for how long to let it steep. 

They are pretty cheap and last a long time. You can find an article on how much to pay for one by clicking here.

2. Pod Machine: Nespresso

The peak of easy is a cup machine. Turn on the machine, pop a cup in it, and push the button. No need to scoop coffee, figure out how much you need, etc. For people who are on holiday and don’t want to figure out how to use a new coffee machine, a cup brewer is a great solution. 

It doesn’t produce the best coffee but I’m saying that from a coffee nerd perspective. The average person will be satisfied with a cup brewer. 

There is the choice of a few different systems but the two main ones are Keurig (K-cups) and Nespresso. In general, Nespresso machines tend to be built a bit better but the cups are more expensive. Keurig is more popular in the US but Nespresso is much more popular in Europe. 

Whichever one you choose, there are still big differences between the different machines. There is a range from cheap to expensive. Pick one that is commensurate with the price of your property. 

3. Simple and Cheap: Drip Coffee Maker: 

Want an electric coffee maker that’s really simple and cheap, the classic drip coffee maker is a good choice. Especially in properties where it’s likely people want to brew more than 1/2 cups at a time. The French press and cup machines aren’t too expensive but they do brew limited amounts of coffee at a time. 

A normal drip coffee maker makes many cups at a time and pretty much everyone knows how to use one. That makes it a good choice for larger properties that can house more people. Of course, since this is a standard machine everyone knows, it’s a decent choice for every Airbnb.

The downside is that it can be left on by accident. That could lead to extra energy consumption and possibly fire risks. Most decent drip brewers have an overheating protection on the hotplate so don’t go for the cheapest one. 

In a hot climate, an iced coffee maker could also be an interesting idea.

4. Good Coffee From a Good Machine: CuisineArt

To get good coffee, you need freshly ground beans. Since most people don’t really know what to do with a coffee grinder, a coffee maker that has a built-in grinder will help. Just put beans in the top and push the button. This will result in better coffee than with a standard drip coffee maker. 

These machines are also often just better built than the bare-bones drip coffee makers. Since they are built to brew better-tasting coffee there is better temperature control and water distribution which also leads to better coffee. The downside is that they are more expensive. 

5. Easy Espresso 

At a high-end Airbnb I would expect something better than a simple drip coffee maker. A good Nespresso or Keurig machine could be an option but as a coffee lover, that doesn’t really do it for me. An Espresso in the morning is a luxury but one that would make my stay at a certain place a bit more special. 

Good espresso can be difficult to produce though. To keep it simple for everyone, a bean-to-cup machine works well. They brew great coffee at the push of a button. So-called ‘super-automatic’ espresso machines are exactly what you’re looking for here. They can brew different drinks at the push of a button and usually, the quality of those drinks is quite good. 

Suggested: The easiest to use espresso machines

The Jura A1 is a good choice for an Airbnb. It’s super simple since it only has 3 choices; espresso, Restretto, and coffee. The coffee option practically means Americano. There is no option for milk drinks. Some people might miss this but it reduces the maintenance and cleaning requirements of this machine a whole lot. It’s also relatively affordable in this category of coffee machine. 

6. The USP: Lever Espresso Machine

Want to make your coffee maker something special that people mention in the reviews and possibly take pictures of? A manual lever espresso machine will likely do the trick. 

Something like the; Flair, Cafelat Robot, or ROK Manual looks really cool, is capable of brewing really good coffee, and will pique the interest of many people. 

Find my 5 favorite lever espresso machines in this article.

The downside is that these things can be a bit more hassle to use. A clear written or video guide would be necessary to make sure people can actually get good coffee out of it. For that reason, it could be a good idea to have another, easier, coffee maker available as well. 

Bedside coffee makers could also be a cool idea but this increases the risk of coffee spills in the bedroom. But if you’re interested, you can find the best ones here.

7. Instant Coffee

If you look at the name of this site, you’ll understand why this isn’t #1. Instant coffee is by far the easiest for everyone (as long as there is a way to heat water). However, while this might be OK for really cheap accommodations if you’re paying a little more, I’d personally not like to see instant coffee, or at least not as the only option. 

Yes, most hotel rooms just offer instant coffee but a; hotels usually have room service, and b; you get an Airbnb because it’s NOT a hotel. 

Which One To Choose?

Above you can see a few options. Of course, not all the options are good for every Airbnb. The location, price, style, etc all have an impact on what kind of machine or coffee maker works best for you. 

If I’m paying $500 a night for a vacation rental and the description specifies a coffee maker, I would be disappointed if there was just any old drip coffee maker. On the other hand, as an owner, I wouldn’t put a $1000 machine in a place that costs $10 a night since that doesn’t make sense either. 

So think about what kind of price range you’re in and what kind of people your property attracts. What does that kind of people expect for the price they’re paying? On the other hand of the equation, what kind of money makes sense to spend for how much money you’re getting from the property? There is a balance there. 

Getting something better than expected might yield some mentions in reviews which could mean the coffee machine pays for itself in positive reviews over time. 

What Are The Requirements For a Coffee Maker In An AirBnb?

I already alluded to this above but you should think about what makes a coffee maker suitable for vacation rentals. These are some of the characteristics you should look for in a coffee maker that’s going to be placed in a vacation rental property. 

  • Foolproof: Everyone should be able to figure out how the coffee maker works quickly. Leaving instructions could be a good option in some cases. Things that could create a mess with improper use are also not the right choice. 
  • Sturdy: You want it to last even if the appliance gets abused sometimes (intentionally or unintentionally. Choosing stainless steel over glass carafes is an obvious one. 
  • Low maintenance: Since you’re usually not there, the maintenance requirements should be low. A machine that can brew great coffee but doesn’t work because it has to be cleaned/fixed is useless. 
  • Makes decent coffee: No coffee is better than horrible coffee. It doesn’t have to be amazing but it should be drinkable. 
  • Dishwasher safe if there is a dishwasher: If there is a dishwasher present, makes sure the parts of the coffee maker people would want to wash are dishwasher safe because nobody is going to check before they throw it in. Most moka pots for example aren’t dishwasher safe.

Airbnb Coffee Machine Mistakes To Avoid

Here are some ways you can make the coffee experience better for your visitors or at least not ruin it. 

  • Provide the right coffee for the machine: Make sure there is at least enough coffee to brew when people arrive. And make sure it’s in the right form. Cups, grounds, beans, whatever the machine takes. Also, make sure the grind size of the coffee is correct.
  • Make sure everything is clean: Nothing ruins coffee like a dirty machine. Regularly clean water reservoirs, etc to prevent mold and other microorganisms to grow. 
  • Run maintenance cycles on time: If your machine requires cleaning cycles, make sure to run them on time so the customer doesn’t have to do it since they probably don’t know how. 
  • Make sure there are filters if necessary: Does the machine need paper filters? Make sure there are at least a few available. Many people want some coffee when they arrive so make sure they can do this. You can prevent this by having a coffee maker with reusable filter basket.


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