Best Bialetti Moka Pots To Buy In 2023 +How To Choose

Looking to buy a moka pot from Bialetti but aren’t sure which one is best for you? Here is what you want to know. 

The best Moka pots to buy are the Bialetti Brikka or Moka Express. The Brikka brews bit faster and produces coffee with more crema and a fuller taste while the Moka express is a the original with the classic looks that’s also a little less fussy to get right. 

While the Brikka or Moka Express is the best for most people, Let’s take a deeper look into which one is best for you. If you want to know how to actually use percolators to make good coffee, click here.

Best Bialetti Moka Pots To Buy

Here are the best Bialetti percolators you can buy. These are the models. Every model comes in a range of different sizes. To figure out which size you need, click here to find an article that explains it. 

1. Bialetti Brikka

The best option is actually not the original Moka Express but the updated Brikka (Amazon) from Bialetti. This updated design has a pressure valve that increases crema (foam on top of the coffee) and makes the coffee taste a bit fuller, creamier and richer. All in all a step closer to a ‘real’ espresso machine. 

The Brikka is also a bit faster than the original which is a nice bonus. It shaves about a minute or a little more of the brew time which is a great thing when you’re just waiting for the thing to boil. 

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Most people prefer the taste of the coffee from the Brikka compared to the Moka Express. However, it is a bit more tricky to get right as well. It seems you need to be more precise with the water and grounds than with the Moka Express to get the extra crema. 

The Brikka is made in Europe and generally high quality.

2. Bialetti Moka Express

If the bit of extra crema and taste isn’t worth the extra hassle to you, the original Moka Express (Amazon) is the right choice. The design has been around for decades and has worked well and continues to do so. 

The original design is from the 1930’s although the original shape was a bit different, the way it worked was the same. The design has been slightly changed over the years but from 1950 on you can recognize the design of the Moka express clearly until today. 

Just like the other moka pots on this list, it’s a very low waste way of brewing coffee since there are no paper filters and it’s recommended to just rinse the pot with water after use. No need to use detergents. 

Aluminum moka pot

3. Bialetti Moka Induction

The two options above don’t work on induction stovetops since they’re made from aluminum. This induction version does work on induction stoves as the name suggests. 

The bottom part (boiler) is different but otherwise it’s very similar to the original with some more modern looking details. The boiler has a steel outer layer that works with an induction stove but aluminum internal layer for even heat distribution. It brews the same coffee you’re used to, just modified slightly. 

If you already have a percolator that doesn’t work on an induction stove, you can also buy an adapter. It’s cheaper than a new Moka Induction. You can find the adapter plate here on Amazon.

4. Bialetti Venus

The ones above all look fairly vintage. That’s personally love that design but maybe you want something a bit sleeker.  The Bialetti Venus (Amazon) is the one to go for in that case. It has a much sleeker design but still works like the original. The design isn’t as iconic as the original but fairly modern and elegant. 

It’s made completely from stainless steel so the exterior won’t tarnish like the aluminum ones although that also means you won’t get the patina that makes the classic ones so cool when they get old. However, if you don’t like that, the Venus will stay shiny and clean. It’s not dishwasher safe though, just like most other percolators.

One downside: the Venus is made in China where the ones above are made in Italy. The price does not reflect this though. 

5. Bialetti Mini Express

The Mini Express (Amazon) is on the list because I really love it’s design. The boiler is the same as for the Moka but the top is quite different. It has two spouts and an aluminum perch you can put two espresso cups on. The coffee is deposited into the cups immediately so you don’t have to pour it out. 

The coffee is the same as from a Moka Express so there is no need to get this one for the taste. As I said, I just adore it’s design. There are some different colors and patterns as well if you like to go even funkier. 

One thing to be aware of with the Mini is that because there are two spouts instead of a single tower, you do have to pay attention to the way you put coffee in the basket. You need to leave a little bit of space between the filter and the top of the grounds (2-3 mm) so the water has space to distribute between the spouts evenly. Otherwise you get uneven flow between the cups. 

Also, it’s pretty much mandatory to brew into two cups. That means the Mini Express is a bit of a novelty but a cute one you can use every day. It is also available in an induction version if necessary. You can find that one here on Amazon

Which Moka Pots To Avoid

Which percolators should you really avoid? 

Moka pots are quite simple coffee brewers and they should be able to last for decades with just replacing the rubber seal. For that reason you want to buy one that has replacement parts available. 

Sure, if you’re lucky, you can find a replacement seal from another brand that fits and works but that’s a matter of trying which ones work and probably wasting time and money in the process. Buy from a brand that has replacement parts available. 

Also avoid moka pots are super cheap. They do work to some degree but often the handles and knobs attached to them don’t stay on there for very long. Also, I’ve noticed a big difference in how the coffee flows out of the tower between very cheap and good moka pots. More expensive moka pots have a nicer flow of coffee as well as just a better fit and finish overall. 

Moka pots can last decades and even the good ones aren’t that expensive so spend just a bit more to get a good one. It’s hard to go wrong with Bialetti. They’ve been making moka pots for 90 years, many of which still brew coffee decades later, and you can always get replacement parts from them. 

Also, the Bialetti moka pots seem to just make better coffee when compared to cheaper ones. I’m honestly not sure if that’s only in my head but they seem to make a touch rounder, more balanced cups of coffee. 


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