How Much Coffee Can You Really Brew With A Hario V60?

Wondering how much coffee you can brew at a time in a Hario V60? As usual, it depends on a few factors. Find out what you want to know below. 

The amount of coffee that can be brewed with a V60 depends on which size cone is used. The most common 02 size cone can brew 240-480 ml of normal strength coffee. The smaller 01 size cone can be used to brew 160-320 ml of normal strength coffee. 

How much coffee you can brew at a time depends on the size cone you’ve got but also how strong you want the coffee to be. Find out exactly which size cone works best for you and your preferences. 

Hario V60 Sizes and Brew Amount

How much coffee you can brew at a time with a V60 depends on the size of V60 cone you’re using. There are different sized cones which work well for different amounts of coffee. 

There are three sizes of Hario V60; size 01, 02 and 03. Size 01 is the smallest and 03 is the largest. And that obviously makes size 02 the average size which is also the most common.

The different sizes are mostly the same, just scaled up or down. That means the angle of the cone and the swirls are the same, they just don’t go up as high. The hole in the bottom is also different in size depending on the size. The bigger sizes have a bigger hole in the bottom. A bigger hole in the bottom provides less resistance to the flow which makes it more suitable to bigger brews that use more grounds. The grounds themselves provide resistance to the flow as well so when using a larger amount, this will slow down the flow. 

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That means the three different sizes are suitable for different amount of grounds and as a result, to brew different amount of coffee. Let’s find out which size is good for which amount of coffee. 


Below you can find how much coffee grounds the different sizes V60 are good for. How much coffee that is depends on the ratio you use. The ratio is how much water is used for every gram of coffee grounds. 

For a Hario V60, normal ratios range from 1:14 to 1:17. That’s where most people find their sweet spot. That means for every gram of grounds, 14-17 grams of water is used. So if you brew 20 grams of grounds with a 1:17 ratio, that means 340 grams of water. That same 20 grams of grounds with a 1:14 ratio would use 280 grams of water.

The lower the ratio, the stronger the coffee will be. Using a 1:14 ratio will result in stronger coffee than using a 1:17 ratio. My personal preference is a ratio of 1:16. 

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Keep in mind, that’s how much water you pour on the grounds, not exactly how much coffee you get in the cup because the grounds soak up some water as well. Grounds tend to soak up about 1.5-2 grams of water for every gram of grounds. That means if you use 15 grams of coffee grounds and pour 240 ml of water, you’ll end up with about 210 ml of coffee in the cup. 

Again, a V60 doesn’t care how much water you pour through it, as long as you don’t overflow it. It’s all about the amount of grounds. Too much grounds in the cone results in a slow flow and it’s easy to overfill it. Too little grounds means it will flow too fast and result in weak coffee. 

Suitable amount of groundsOptimal amount of groundsOptimal Brew Amount @1:16Brew Amount Range @1:16
Hario V60 Size 0110-20 grams15 grams240 ml160-320 ml
Hario V60 Size 0215-30 grams23.5 grams376 ml240-480 ml
Hario V60 Size 0325-60 grams42.5 grams680 ml400-960 ml
  • How Much Coffee Can You Brew In a Hario V60 01?

The Hario V60 size 01 can be used with 10-20 grams of coffee while around 15 grams is optimal. 

With a 1:16 ratio, this means you can brew 160-320 ml of coffee while 240 ml is optimal. 

  • How Much Coffee Can You Brew In a Hario V60 02?

The Hario V60 size 02 can be used with 15-30 grams of coffee while around 20-25 grams is optimal. With a 1:16 ratio, this means you can brew 240-480 ml of coffee while 376 ml is optimal.

  • How Much Coffee Can You Brew In a Hario V60 03? 

The Hario V60 size 03 can be used with 25-60 grams of coffee while around 40-45 grams is optimal. With a 1:16 ratio, this means you can brew 400-960 ml of coffee while 680 ml is optimal.

I use this V60 size 02 to make 350-450 ml brews daily.

How Much Coffee Grounds To Put In a V60?

So if you want to brew a certain amount of coffee, how much grounds should you put in your V60? Well, how much grounds you need depends on the exact amount of coffee you want to brew of course. 

Below is a chart of how much grounds you need for certain amount of coffee. My preferred ratio is 1:16 but it’s personal preference. People like ratios from about 1:14 to 1:17. You can see below what that means for the amount of grounds exactly. 

Refer back to the chart above to figure out which size Hario V60 cone is the best for the amount of coffee you want to brew.

Keep in mind, the brew amount is the amount of water you pour on the grounds. The grounds will soak up some of that water which won’t come out. Every gram of grounds will soak up about 1.5-2 grams which won’t get into your cup. 

The best starting place for a single cup of coffee from a V60 is by putting 20 grams of coffee in the filter and using 300 ml of water. This is the recipe that produces enough coffee with the right taste for most people.  

Brew Amount (ml)Amount Of Grounds For 1:14 Ratio (grams)Amount Of Grounds For 1:15 Ratio (grams)Amount Of Grounds For 1:16 Ratio (grams)Amount Of Grounds For 1:17 Ratio (grams)

How Much Grounds Are In A Hario Scoop?

Don’t have a coffee scale but stil want to use a V60? 

Your V60 likely came with a plastic scoop. This scoop is designed to hold approximately 12 grams of ground coffee. That means for every scoop of ground coffee, you can brew about 200 ml of coffee.

All coffees are a little different and volumetric measurements aren’t always the most accurate. A Hario scoop of one coffee could be 10.5 grams while another one is 12.5 grams. This is not the end of the world but it means it’s not very consistent and your coffee could come out a little different every time. Using a coffee scale will allow you to make fine adjustments to your recipe to really dial in the taste and strength you like. 

Recommended Hario V60 Equipment

  1. V60 cone: You’ll need a V60 cone. A size 02 ceramic V60 (Amazon) will serve most people very well.
  2. Filter papers: Without paper filters your cone is pretty useless. Hario paper filters work well and are cheap. You can find them here on Amazon. Make sure you get them in the same size as your cone.
  3. Scale: A scale is essential to brewing good V60 coffee. Brewing good V60 coffee is all about precision. This TimeMore Scale(Amazon) scale works perfectly, looks great and is high quality.
  4. Grinder: Freshly ground coffee is a lot better than pre-ground. The TimeMore C3 (Amazon) gives you great value for money and will give much better results than a cheaper grinder or pre-ground
  5. Beans: Don’t forget to get some good beans to put into that grinder. Volcanica roasts great beans you can get here on Amazon.
  6. Carafe: If you like to share your coffee, a nice carafe or decanter is useful. I’ve got this TimeMore one (Amazon) and it does exactly what you expect it to without any plastic parts that are hard to clean.
  7. Kettle: Finally, a gooseneck kettle will make your coffee taste sweeter and smoother by pouring a gentle and constant stream of water onto the grounds. This Cosori (Amazon) electric gooseneck kettle has temperature control which is a big benefit and is affordable.


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