How Much Coffee Grounds In A French Press? Scoop/Gram/Ratio

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Got your French press ready and aren’t sure how much coffee grounds go into it to brew good coffee? I’ve got your covered. Here’s what you want to know.

To get coffee of average strength from a French press, add 2 leveled tablespoons (+-14 grams) of medium-coarse ground coffee for every 8 oz./227 ml of water. This results in a 1:15 ratio (1 part coffee for 15 parts of water by weight) which is best for most people. For strong coffee use 2.5 scoops.

For more detailed information and more ways to figure out how much coffee grounds you need for your situation, keep reading down below. You’ll also find some handy charts to easily figure out how much coffee grounds you need to put in your French press in a single look.

How many scoops of coffee grounds go in a French press?

Most people measure their coffee in scoops. And it makes sense. Getting out your scale to make coffee in the morning is not for everyone. Not everyone wants to be a coffee nerd. If you want to get started with a cheap coffee scale, click here to find the one I’ve been using for the last year on Amazon.

To get a 8 oz./227 ml serving of coffee from a French press, you need 2-2.5 scoops of coffee of a leveled tablespoon. A leveled tablespoon contains roughly 7 grams of coffee. For an average strength coffee from your French press, add 105 grams of water for every scoop of grounds.

Scoops are not a very precise way to measure coffee. That’s because there are a lot of variables in coffee that can change the amount of weight that actually goes into a scoop, even if you are careful to fill the scoop the same way every time. Not to mention every scoop can be slightly different.

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The best way to measure in scoops is to have a measuring spoon you use for baking and cooking. Those spoons will scoop you roughly 6.5 to 7 grams of ground coffee when leveled and 7-8 grams rounded. A level spoon is of course going to be more consistent. If you don’t have a measuring spoon or just want to be sure how much coffee you’re getting, it’s a good idea to measure it once. Bust out the scale and see how much one scoop of your spoon weighs.

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You want to get anywhere from 55 to 75 grams of coffee grounds per liter of water in a French press. Around 65 grams will result in average strength coffee. More coffee grounds per liter of water is stronger and less is weaker. If you’re not sure what you like, start in the middle around 65.

For our question of how many scoops of coffee you need for your French press, I’m going to assume you’re using leveled tablespoons that contain roughly 7 grams of coffee. Now all we need is a way to measure the water. An 8 oz./ 227 ml serving is pretty standard so that’s easy to use.

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65 grams per liter means 14.7 grams per 8 oz./227 ml. it’s not going to be feasible to measure 0.7 grams without using a scale. That means 2 scoops/14 grams will get you very close to a strength of coffee most people like. If you need it to be stronger than that use up to 2.5 spoons per cup of water. For lighter coffee 1.75 scoops per 8 oz. is the low end.

Still sleepy and just want to know how many scoops you need for the amount of coffee you want to brew? Check out the chart below.

Scoops of coffee grounds in a French press per cup

1 cup8 oz..227 ml1.7522.5
2 cups 16 oz.454 ml3.54.25
3 cups24 oz.681 ml5.56.57.5
4 cups 32 oz.908 ml78.510
6 cups 48 oz. 1362 ml10.512.515
Scoops of ground coffee in a French press chart

You might notice that the scoops don’t track exactly with the amount of water. That’s because the amount of scoops is rounded off to 0.5 scoops in most cases. That’s because 0.1 scoop is just very difficult to measure.

Is it a big deal scoops aren’t a very consistent way to measure coffee? Not if you’re happy with the results. However, if you feel your coffee is inconsistent and comes out different every day in a way you don’t like, it might be the difference in the scoops. Although it can also be the steep time. I’m guessing if you don’t weigh your grounds in grams, you probably don’t time the steep time exactly either which is another factor that could change every day.

How many grams of coffee grounds go in a French press?

A more precise but also a bit more involved way of measuring is in grams. (or ounces for bigger amounts if you prefer). It’s a bit more involved because you’ll need a precise scale and measure the amount of coffee grounds and water you’re using every time.

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You can be sure you’re getting the same amount of coffee every day though. This also makes it easy to make small adjustments. To make it easy to do this, a coffee scale is indispensable but luckily not too expensive.

To brew coffee of average strength in a French press, use 65 grams of coffee per liter of water. To change the strength of the coffee, use up to 75 gram per liter to make it stronger and down to 55 gram per liter for a weaker brew. 65 gram per liter is 14.7 grams per 8 oz. of water.

Maybe you just want to know how much coffee your need to put in your French press to brew 1, 2 or more cups. Take a look at the chart below to easily see how many grams of coffee grounds you need.

Grams of coffee grounds in a French press

CupsOz.mlLight (55 gr/l)Medium (65 gr/l)Strong (75 gr/l)
Grams of coffee per milliliter for French press chart

What is the best brew ratio for a French press?

Another way to go about things is to use a ratio. Grams are much easier to understand for me when I’m groggy in the morning so that’s what I prefer to use. It’s what my scale tells me so that’s easy to think about.

However, many websites (and therefore people) think in ratios. The ratio will look like this “1:14”. All that means is you use one part coffee grounds for 14 parts of water. As long as you weight both the grounds and the water in the same measurements of weight, it doesn’t matter what you measure it in. That makes ratios very easy to scale to any size you want which is why ratios are common to use.

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The most popular brew ratio in a French press is 1:15 (1 part coffee grounds to 15 parts water by weight). This results in a medium strength brew. Brew ratios in a French press range from 1:13 (strong) to 1:18 (weaker). To know how many grams of grounds you need, divide your amount of liquid by 15.

If you’re not familiar with brewing a French press, start with a 1:15 ratio. That means 1 gram of grounds for every 15 grams of water. For a 12 oz./340 gram serving of coffee this is 22.6 grams per cup. 340/15=22.6.

Ratio vs. grams in French press

1 cup 822717.5 gr16.2 gr15.1 gr14.2 gr13.4 gr12.6 gr
2 cups1645434.9 gr32.4 gr30.2 gr28.4 gr26.7 gr25.2 gr
3 cups2468152.4 gr48.6 gr45.4 gr42.5 gr40 gr37.8 gr
4 cups3290869.8 gr64.8 gr60.5 gr56.7 gr53.4 gr50.4 gr
6 cups481362104.8 gr97.3 gr90.8 gr85.1 gr80.1 gr75.6 gr
Grams of coffee grounds for certain ratio in French press chart

You might notice that the average 1:15 ratio results in slightly different amounts of coffee grounds per cup than if you go by the average 55 gram per liter. And it’s a little bit different than going by scoops again. All these ways of describing the relationship between the amount of grounds and the amount of water are just arbitrary approximations. They also all get rounded off which means you have small differences.

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Honestly, you have to be a world class coffee taster to taste a 0.4 gram difference in your French press. Don’t see these charts as a scientific truth. Sure you can do de math as I did above. However, they are all just different ways to have a way of gauging if you’re brewing average, weak or strong coffee. They are different ways of describing the same thing that in ways that are easy to remember. Also, ‘medium’ strength is not a solid thing. One persons average is not the same as for someone else.

What does the amount of coffee grounds in a French press change?

How much does it matter if you change the amount of coffee in your French press?

Change the ratio of water to grounds in your French press to influence the taste strength of your brew. The taste will stay similarly balanced but stronger or weaker overall. To influence the taste balance, it’s better to play around with the grind size, steep time and type of beans.

All variables you change in brewing coffee changes the end result;

  • Steep time
  • Grind size
  • Type of beans
  • Roast level
  • Water temperature
  • Ratio

That’s the case for a French press. With some other brewing methods like an espresso machine there are even more variables.

So the ratio of coffee grounds to water is far from the only variable that influences the final result so when should you change the ratio instead of another variable?

You can look at the ratio as kind of the volume knob on a radio. You increase the amount of grounds but leave the other variables the same, you get the same taste just stronger. Of course that is only possible within reason, at some point you’ll start running into how much a certain amount of water actually can extract from the grounds.

However, for the amounts you’ll be changing the ratio in a French press, this isn’t really a problem.

So if you’re happy with the taste and just want more of that taste, increasing the amount of coffee grounds is the way to go. However, if you’re not happy with the taste balance and want more/less sweetness/sourness or a fuller taste, it’s better to play around with the grind size, steep time and water temperature. The beans you use also has a huge impact on the taste of course.

Favorite French Press Brewing Tools

Here are some things that help you brew better coffee:

  • French press: This beautiful stainless steel Meuller French press (Amazon) is high quality yet affordable and the double filtration system means less sediment in your cup.
  • Grinder: Fresh beans have to be ground. A hand grinder like the Hario Slim (Amazon) is affordable yet effective hand grinder that will improve your cold brew.
  • Scale: The amount of grounds you use makes a big impact on what your cold brew tastes like. A simple set of scales will makes your brews more consistent. I’ve been using this one (Amazon) for over a year with great success. Not the most aesthetic but effective.

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