7 Best Aeropress Accessories That Improve Your Coffee

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Do you like the Aeropress and would like to make it even better and enjoyable to use? Here are 7 accessories that make the Aeropress even more interesting and versatile. 

The Aeropress accessory most people have use for is a metal filter screen. This helps reduce paper waste and you never run out of filter papers anymore. Other good Accessories include; Espresso attachments, filter jars, a cold dripper attachment or an organizer.  

Check out these accessories and a few more and see if there is something you like and would make your coffee experience even better. 

1. Metal Filter Screen

The Aeropress accessory that most people will find useful is a metal filter screen. This little screen will replace the paper filter that the Aeropress is usually used with. Instead of putting a paper filter into the filter cap, you put the filter screen in there which filters out the grounds. 

If you’re not sure how to use an Aeropress exactly, read this complete beginner guide.

The biggest benefit of this is that metal filter screens are reusable. Just rinse them out and it’s ready to go again. That means you never have to buy replacement filters again and also produce less paper waste. However, the paper used in Aeropress filters is fully compostable so in that regard it won’t produce much long lasting waste. 

It is possible to reuse the filter papers in some cases as well. Learn more about that here.

On the flip side, the coffee won’t taste exactly the same with a metal filter as it does with a metal filter. Paper filters out much more than a metal screen. Paper filters all the grounds and oils out. Metal does not which means metal filtered coffee has more body and texture but there can be a bit more sediment in your cup since some of the grounds can make it through the holes. 

There are different metal filters which have different hole sizes. The smaller the holes, the less sediment there will be in the cup (but won’t eliminate it completely). Smaller holes will also provide more resistance and thus you can build more pressure which helps extraction and getting a more intense taste. Paper filters will still create more pressure which leads to a deep aroma but less body since the oils and sediment are filtered out. 

A metal filter screen is more expensive than a set of paper filters but in the long run it will be cheaper since it will last a very long time. 

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In the end, it’s likely good to have both a metal screen and paper filters. The metal will always be there when you feel the need for a cup with more intense taste and body while the paper produces a lighter, cleaner cup. That way you can use the filter whatever you’re in the mood for at that time. 

2. Espresso Attachment

Want to completely change the type of coffee your Aeropress brews with a simple attachment? An espresso attachment is a great way to do this. These attachments replace the filter cap (and usually the filter itself), in a way that helps you brew something that’s much more like espresso. 

Is it going to be real espresso? No, you can’t really create enough pressure with an Aeropress that’s necessary to brew espresso. An espresso machine pushes the water through the coffee at 9 bar/130 psi. That’s not going to be possible by hand with an Aeropress. 

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It will brew a small cup of strong coffee like espresso. And it does it for 1/30th the price of an entry level espresso machine. So if you have that itch for espresso sometimes but don’t have a proper machine, an espresso machine can hold you over. 

The best option in this category is the Fellow Prismo. It comes with a metal filter screen and a filter cap that has a pressure valve. That valve only opens when the pressure inside the Aeropress hits a certain amount. That means you can brew with higher pressures than usual. 

This valve also allows you to completely stop any leaking from the Aeropress which happens with the normal filter cap. 

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Fellow is also a well-known brand in the coffee space and makes good products in general. 

3. Filter Jar

Prefer to use your Aeropress how it was intended, with paper filters? Then a filter jar is a great little accessory that can be used at home but especially when traveling. 

A filter jar is a little box that fits a good number of filter papers (usually at least 50). It can be closed so the filter papers stay safe, clean and dry when put into a bag. The Aeropress GO comes with a plastic filter jar as standard but the original Aeropress does not.  

So for people with the original Aeropress that want to use it for travel, a filter jar is a great accessory. They’re cheap and ensure you have usable filter papers when arriving at your destination. 

4. Organizer

Don’t travel with your Aeropress? It could be nice to display it in a way that makes it look attractive. There are different organizer shelfs that help you keep all the parts of the Aeropress nice and tidy in your kitchen. 

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Storing it properly will not only make the press last longer but also keeps your kitchen tidier and looking pretty. There are tons of different ways to go about this. There are wooden shelves which I personally think look the best but there are also metal and plastic ones. 

Most of the shelves are just to place on a shelf but there are also ones that allow you to hang all the parts under a kitchen cabinet which is great for places that have limited space. 

5. Pod Adapter

Some people might think this is blasphemy but it’s a cool idea. This is a little adapter that allows you to brew coffee pods with your Aeropress. For people that want to travel light but really do need their coffee in the morning, and wants it to be as easy as possible. Pop in a pod, add water and go. For a week, just pop 7 pods in your bag and you can have coffee as long as there’s hot water. 

Of course, the coffee is likely not going to be as good as when freshly grinding whole beans but for some people this could be a solution to their problem. 

6. Cold Brew Dripper

Like cold brew coffee? Usually you will make immersion style cold brew at home. There is another style though. Drip cold brew has a more floral, fruity taste than immersion cold brew. 

So why not get a dripper for the Aeropress. Just pour water in the top and it will slowly drip on the coffee grounds and filter through. If you like cold brew coffee, this is a great addition to your coffee arsenal. 

It’s also a really cheap way to get dripped cold brew. Most stand-alone cold brew drippers are huge towers that take up a lot of space and are also quite expensive. With an Aeropress dripper, you get the same thing for much less money and much smaller. 

7. 2Pour Dual Spout

This is a cool looking accessory that is useful if you’re brewing with an espresso attachment and want to divide the coffee evenly into two cups. Just like using an espresso machine with a double spout can pour espresso into two cups at the same time.

It looks interesting and if you’re regularly brewing for two people, it’s a useful tool. It will work perfectly fine with the normal paper filters but in my opinion it is more useful for brewing with an Espresso attachment. 

That’s because the volume of coffee an Aeropress produces is not that big and it’s not super strong. So dividing this will leave both people with a relatively small amount of coffee And you’ll want to brew twice anyways. 

With an Espresso attachment, the coffee will be stronger so it makes more sense to divide into two cups. However, it will work to divide anything you brew with an Aeropress into two cups so if you see a need for this, it’s going to be useful for you. 

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