What Is The Point Of An Aeropress? Pros an Cons

You might have seen the name ‘Aeropress’ pop up here and there if you are reading about coffee. Why is this little thing so popular and should you get one? Here’s what you want to find out. 

The Aeropress is a popular coffee brewer because it’s a very affordable item that can brew a single, good cup of coffee easily. On top of that it’s small and light which makes it easy to travel with. It’s also sturdy and easy to clean. 

Let’s go over what an Aeropress can do and if that’s the right choice for you below. 

Why Get an Aeropress

An Aeropress is a really popular coffee brewer for a few good reasons. 

The Aeropress is designed by Alan Adler because he was fed up with traditional coffee makers not brewing well if you’re just making a single cup. So the philosophy behind the Aeropress is to brew good coffee quickly for one person. And it’s very good at doing that. So if you are often alone or the only person that wants coffee and then you just want a single cup, the Aeropress is the perfect solution. 

The Aeropress makes it easy to brew good tasting coffee without having to make a large amount or without the need for an espresso machine. It’s really affordable which makes it a coffee brewer that’s within reach for pretty much everyone. The taste of Aeropress coffee tends to be a bit stronger/heavier than pour over filter coffee but it’s nowhere near espresso. 

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It’s also a brewer that is easy to travel with since it’s small, light and made of plastic which means you can just throw it in a suitcase or a bag without worrying about breaking it, it being heavy or taking up too much space. If you’ve got a very slim hand grinder, it might even fit inside the Aeropress, making the whole package even more attractive for traveling. 

While originally it became really popular with the camping crowd because it works perfectly for this, nowadays many people use them at home as well. Because they’re easy to use and easy to get a good cup of coffee out of, almost everyone can find a use for them. Especially if you have the need to regularly brew a single cup of coffee. 

There is even an Aeropress competition where people compete to brew the best coffee with the Aeropress. This has helped to show that it’s not just a camping gadget that has no other use but actually a really useful and good coffee brewer. 

Pros and Cons Of An Aeropress

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of an Aeropress. 


  • Cheap: One of the biggest pros of an Aeropress is it’s price. Especially if you combine it with the rest of the pros, it’s a really good deal. It makes great coffee for a good price, what else do you want?
  • Small: The Aeropress is relatively compact. It’s about the same size as a French press but a bit narrower. It’s also much more resilient than a French press since it’s made from plastic instead of glass. 
  • Light: In addition to being small, it’s also very light because of the all plastic construction. Combine all these factors and you have something that’s great for traveling. Throw it in a bag and don’t worry about it. 
  • Brews good coffee: The most important pro of all is that it makes great coffee. It’s a bit stronger than pour over coffee but usually has a deeper, stronger taste. 
  • Good for travel: As said above, an Aeropress is great for travel because it doesn’t easily break, it’s small and light which makes it great to just throw in a bag. 
  • Easy to use: After 1 or 2 times brewing with the Aeropress, it’s very simple. For most people it’s easier to make good coffee with an Aeropress than with a pour over method. 
  • Easy to clean: The Aeropress is also pretty easy to clean. Just pop out the coffee puck and the filter and rinse the parts under warm water and it’s clean enough.


  • Small: The drawback of something small and light is that it doesn’t brew a lot of coffee in one go. It’s a personal brewer so if you want to serve more people, you’ll have to brew more times. There are some ways you can adapt the Aeropress for two but that’s the limit. 
  • Seal can wear out: The rubber that creates the seal in the brew chamber can wear out over time. This will take 3-5 years with regular use so it’s not an immediate concern and the seals are easy to replace. 
  • Plastic: Some people might not like that the Aeropress is made out of plastic. The plastic is BPA and Phthalates free which means the health impacts are minimal. Also, you don’t leave the water in there for a long time but about only for about two minutes which minimizes contact. The plastic itself lasts a long time. 
  • Paper filters: An Aeropress comes with paper filters. That means a little more waste and something to run out off. It’s possible to change the filter to a metal screen which means no more waste and you can just rinse it off. 

Should You Get an Aeropress?

Should you get one of these coffee brewers? If you think you’ll never use it or don’t have the cash, don’t buy it. That said, most people will have a use for a single cup coffee brewer that’s easy to use and makes good coffee.

If you like playing around with different brew methods or like to drink better coffee while traveling, the Aeropress is a no-brainer. They’re quite cheap for what they can do and don’t really go bad.

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